Happy New Year!

05 Jan

When we compare the quality of goods and workmanship today with decades ago, a lot have changed from the type of materials used, parts to longevity. I have friends and family that still own the same microwave, sofa, coffee maker and so on from 15 plus years ago and all are still in working condition. Purchased a new one and a couple of years later, it broke! The same goes for buying disposable or short life span products, we waste a lot of money buying disposable bags, papers, single use items, and non-biodegradable items.  Not only we waste money, the amount of waste accumulated over the years are unbelievable. Not very many were recycled properly, hence, a huge negative impact on the environment. Simply said, "we are throwing away our money" by continuing to do this.

The little things that we do every day add up to a lot. As a nation, we generate millions of tons of waste each year. To reduce that and start living a more sustainable lifestyle, it might be time to start thinking about going completely plastic-free. 

Let's all try to save money in the new year by using sustainable products and reduce the amount of waste, making it a better world today and for our future generations!

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